His Soldier Friend Joked He Had To Wear a Dress To His Funeral If He Died. Then The Worst Happened…

Dress Afghanistan

Kevin Elliot and Barry Delaney were truly the best of friends. They always had been. One of the things that made their bond so strong was the wicked sense of humour they both shared. When Kevin Elliot joined the army and was stationed in Afghanistan, he joked with Barry that if he were to die in combat, that Barry had to liven up his funeral by attending it in a horrible brightly-coloured dress.

And then the unthinkable happened…

Dress Afghanistan

A Taliban ambush saw Barry’s best pal sadly killed. Barry, along with all of Kevin’s friends and family were devastated. They’d lost a true friend and a hero. Soon, the funeral date arrived. And Barry was true to his promise.

Dress Afghanistan

Sure, he felt self-conscious as he walked around in a low-cut dress he’d bought from a local Primark clothes store. But as the day went on, more and more people saw him and laughed. And as he explained the promise the friends had made, everyone reflected on Kevin’s great sense of humour. The day then turned into more of a wake than a funeral. Just as Kevin had wanted.

Dress Afghanistan

What a story. So sad yet so poignant. Please share this wonderful tale of friendship with your loved ones…

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