WTF?! Steven Seagal Gives a ‘Masterclass’ In Russia That You Absolutely Have To See…

You know Steven Seagal from such classic action movies as Nico, Out For Justice, and Hard To Kill, or from any of his six hundred straight-to-DVD efforts. He’s the big fella with the slicked-back ponytail who cracks wise as he avenges the bad guys who killed his wife/child/partner/dog/car (delete as appropriate). But what you might not know is that he’s apparently always been a pretty respected member of the martial arts community too. An Akido expert, in fact. A 7th dan black belt.

Earlier this month he was invited over to Russia as the VIP guest of honor of his friend Vladimir Putin (yep, that’s right), in order to give an almost unbelievably brief and unconvincing exhibition of his skills. Along with the assistance of some very willing volunteers who were very happy to make the veteran actor looks as good as possible. Presumably at the orders of Mr. Putin.

Steven Seagal

Despite the fact that the Victory Parade Day event was boycotted by most western countries, including the US, Seagal did his thing anyway. The man’s not fussed about politics or any of that kind of silliness. He’s always happy to do his ol’ pal Vlad a favor. Here are the two of them presumably on the way into a hotel room together:

Steven Seagal

And just for fun – and apros pos of nothing – here’s a picture of Seagal playing blues guitar wearing a kimono.

Steven Seagal

And here’s him practicing his ventriloquism skills with a real-life panda…

Steven Seagal

He’s the gift that keeps on giving, is our Steven. Anyway, onto that amazing ‘akido masterclass’. You’ll enjoy this.

What a guy!

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