Devastated By The Theft Of His Dog, He Looked for Another… The First Photo He Saw Had Him SHAKING!


Richard Brower could not have been more devastated when his German Shepherd Dozer was stolen from him. Brazen and in full daylight, thieves took his best pal straight from his back yard with no thought for the heartbreak they’d cause the dog’s owner. Six months it took him to get over the loss until one day he decided to take on a new mutt. So he headed to the website of the local care home where Dozer had come from, the Claresholm Rescue Society. But the very first photograph he saw made his jaw hit the floor.

It was Dozer…


Richard and Dozer – best pals.

So naturally, Richard headed straight to the shelter. Shocked but determined to be reunited, he found a glum-looking Dozer. But as soon as the dog recognized him, his tail started wagging and he couldn’t wait to say hello!

“The lady at Claresholm started crying, I started crying, and all the other people at the shelter were crying,” he said. “Yeah, It was quite the day.” Says Richard.

The two are back together and couldn’t be happier.

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