Heroic Young Syrian Boy Withstands SNIPER FIRE To Rescue Girl!


The video we have for you below is, quite simply, amazing. It was filmed in the war zone that is Syria. A young boy, thought to be around eight to ten years old is seen coming under sniper fire as he tries to rescue a young girl who is frozen with fear and hiding, dangerously, under a car. The young hero withstands a barrage of bullets to get to the girl. At one point, he – very cleverly – even plays dead to get the gunmen to cease their fire.

You have to see this incredible clip:


UPDATE: It seems that the video you’ve just seen was, in fact, staged. Norwegian film maker Lars Klevberg was later forced to admit that he made it to make a point about the dangers of children in war zones and to get people thinking about the subject. Which, to be fair to him, kind of worked. We’re just glad no one was hurt. 

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