Taliban Snipers Shoot at US Soldiers. How They Respond? BRUTAL!

Returning Soldier Shocks Parents At Ice Hockey Game!

The 2014 documentary film The Hornet’s Nest is a fascinating look at the role of American soldiers over in Afghanistan. Journalists Mike and Carlos Boettcher follow U.S troops during nine harrowing days of war zone combat in the country and it’s an illuminating, if scary, look.

It’s a vivid glimpse into the life of a soldier and shows the sheer brutality and horribly worrying levels of danger. As the cameras are rolling at a camp where a squadron is based, a bullet whizzes past them, shot from a sniper’s rifle. They work out that the shooters are nestled up in the mountain opposite.

But instead of responding in kind with guns, the Americans go one better. They order in an airstrike. Which makes for some really quite stunning viewing…

Check it out:

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