Artist Uses Electrical Sparks In Work Dedicated To The Godfather Of Electricity

Phil Hansen is an artist that can appreciate both the creative and the practical. Not only does he love artistry in all its forms, he has a real affection for the scientific mind. And there’s seemingly no better way to meld these two passions into one by creating a portrait of renowned electrcial engineer and all-round genius Nikola Tesla using sparks of electricity!

Tesla GIFs

This incredibly detailed work was a painstaking labor of love for Phil… It took him a full two days non stop.

Tesla GIFs

Safety was very important – he had to wear a gas mask throughout because of the sparks and fumes. He also had to keep cutting down and replacing the wires because they would so often melt together.

Tesla GIFs

See Phil in action in full here:


Tesla would be proud!

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