Wonderful New Baby Bath Technique Calms and Soothes Newborns

A French maternity nurse who goes by the name Sonia Rochel has invented an incredibly relaxing and innovative new baby bathing technique which she calls ‘Thalasso’. The video below shows Sonia giving a baby a Thalasso bath and you might be surprised by it. The newborn is submerged in the water and massaged and moved around as if to mimic being in the womb again. And you can certainly see that the little beauty is having a great time!

It almost goes without saying that, for safety reasons, the Thalasso baby bath technique should only really be attempted by a trained professional or by someone that has read up on the method. But administered correctly, wow – it just looks amazing.


That looks so peaceful and relaxing for the newborn baby, doesn’t it?

If you know someone with a new child who you think might like this idea, please send them this post.

What do you think?

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