The Rock’s Epic Workout Routine Is Crazy! It Doesn’t Get Any More Intense Than This!

The Rock

The Rock looks incredible. But it comes at a price. You don’t get to look this ripped as a 43 year-old without having to put the work in. And he does. Every. Single. Day! He hasn’t skipped a leg day in over two decades. The dude is an animal.

The Rock gets up every day at 3.50am to get down to the gym. Now that’s what we call dedication! And his routines are often documented on his Instagram page…

The Beast himself:

Even when he’s on vacation, he’s working out!

Just check out the crazy leg size!

This is just… We have NO WORDS.

When you spend this much time down the gym, you might get your face on the wall…

What do you think?

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