Have You Ever Noticed THIS About The Walking Dead’s Zombies?!


Here’s something cool you might not have noticed before about AMC’s awesome zombie show The Walking Dead…. So zombies are basically corpses that are able to move about like real people, right? With an insatiable hunger for eating flesh. Which is one of the reasons you don’t invite them over for dinner. One of the other main reasons is, well, because they’re corpses, they’re rotting…

The Walking Dead actually charts their decomposition as the show goes on. We can’t believe we’d never noticed this until now! Here’s the proof:


Let’s look at the evidence. The little girl below is the first of the undead we see in season one, episode one. She still looks like a cute little girl. Sure, her hair could do with a brush, but oh well…


Season two – Very much zombie looking by now, but still close to being human – there’s hair and skin and everything… A lot more open wounds and sores, though.


The third season really sees the decline. Hair loss, skin deterioration. And you’d imagine – quite the stink!


Season four – Not in the best of shape now, some of these zombies…


Also from the fourth series, these terrifying burnt zombies. Not looking so fresh anymore, are they?!



H/T: MoviePilot

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