Best Thug Life Compilation Of The Week – January 2015 – #2

In this compilation of Thug Life videos, we’ve got it all… Star Trek’s Captain Kirk showing an alien his soft – then Thug – side, a Thug fish, Trailer Park Boys, a Thug goat, a Thug news reporter, a Thug kid… Plus plenty more. Don’t believe us? Okay, there’s the Thug guest on Fox News who takes down his rude interviewer, the little Thug girl with the ball-busting right foot, and the 8 year-old Thug in jail with the smart mouth.

Watch this collection of clips, then throw your laptop out the window at a passing cat. #ThugLife

Did you know?
That Star Trek scene is from the episode, ‘The Gamesters of Triskelion’. And no, it ain’t Thug knowing that.

What do you think?


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