This Unbelievable Aussie Dancer Will Make Your Day!

When he first makes his way onto the Australia’s Got Talent stage, Byron Bay’s Tommy Franklin is certainly quite unique looking. With his long blond hair, styled eyebrows and Gandalf-like beard, you definitely wouldn’t miss him. But, despite this extreme look – it’s not his appearance that’s most interesting about him. It’s his dancing. Because he’s RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!

He’s caused quite a stir Down Under and his upbeat attitude has had him since dubbed, ‘The Happiest Man Alive’ by fans. And when you watch the full video of his audition, you’ll see just why. Though it could’ve been a lot different. Only a few years ago, he was addled by drink and drugs and was even involved in a life-threatening accident. But he turned things around.

Have a look at his incredible moves:


How about that? We bet you wouldn’t mind a few of those moves in your locker for the next wedding you’re invited to, eh?!

What do you think?

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