Volunteer Handed A 5 Day-Old Baby At A Funeral Adopts Him

This Puppy Was Just Adopted. What Happens When She Gets Home Is Hilarious.

When Emilie Larter was 22 years old she went to Uganda on a two-month volunteer role at a children’s home in the African nation. While there she received a call about a baby that had been abandoned. His name, it turned out, was – or would be – Adam.

“My duties were straightforward – as the only volunteer at the time, I was doing as much as I could for the children,” she says. “I changed nappies, organised feeds and played with them. I loved it.

“Then, after I’d been there only a month, there was a phone call saying there was a newborn baby in desperate need. With no information, apart from where to go, we jumped on motorbikes and sped off to a village called Butagaya, about an hour away.”

Emilie ended up adopting Adam. She’s now taken a full-time voluntary teaching job at the school that Adam attends, in exchange for his fees…

Adopting Adam

“It was stressful, but I loved it. I could sit and watch Adam for hours. I extended my stay for two months. He would cry if I wasn’t around and loved being held. Everyone told me to keep emotionally detached, but I’d grown as attached to him as he was to me.”

Adopting Adam

“Adam has brought more joy into my life than I could have imagined. I’ll do whatever it takes to become his mum. I’m determined to stay here until something comes up. I can’t imagine my future without him. Adam is my life…”

We hope beyond hope that this all works out for both of them. Emilie and Adam – best of luck in the future!

If you want to help, you can donate via this gofundme page. Adam will thank you…

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