These 3 Young Kids Have The Most Incredible Dance-Off In a Waiting Room…

Jacko Dancer Takes His Moves To The Streets and Makes Everyone’s Day!

The worst thing about waiting rooms are the magazines. The stupid magazines. They’re always so OLD. Why can’t they have magazines from the last fifteen years?! It’d make sitting about being bored a little more bearable. If only there were something else to do in waiting rooms. Something like… take part in a hip-hop dance-off! That’s what the three kids in this awesome clip decided to do. And we’re glad they did! ’cause this is brilliant.

Check it out – there are some pretty spectacular moves going on here. We’re just hoping the waiting room isn’t at a doctors and one of them is there for a sprained ankle or something.


Sick moves! If you’re into street dancing, then you also need to see THIS.

What do you think?

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