He Quickly Drank 24 Cans Of Red Bull… Soon? THIS Starts Happening Inside His Body

It’s late morning. You’re at work. You didn’t sleep great last night and your boss is working you hard. You’re tired. Heck, you’re about to crash. What do you do? Sure, a splash of water on the face may temporarily liven you up, but that won’t last long. You need a jolt of energy. You need a kick. You need an energy drink.

But these caffeine-based energy drinks can be dangerous if you have too many, did you know that? What happens if you drink too much caffeine? Well, it can be detrimental to your health. One possibility? Flail chest. It’s nasty. But it happens.

Never heard of ‘flail chest’? Nope, us neither until recently. Here’s a simple explanation of what it is…


And it happened to a man recently. He drank 24 Red Bull cans in a day and began to suffer. He had heart palpitations, mild stroke symptoms and nausea. Then flail chest kicked in. He broke two ribs in the process and could have died.

Caffeine drinks aren’t good for you. You know that. But are you aware of just how much caffeine is in them? This pictorial guide should help:


It’s tempting to crack into a fizzy energy drink or down a few coffees when tired. And, in moderation – sure, it’s fine. Go for it. But just be careful you’re not overdoing it.


And especially don’t drink your body weight in Red Bull…


Here’s the terrifying footage of what happened to the man once flail chest kicked in…

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