Will Smith Bursts Into ‘Miami’ At Suicide Squad Promo Party!

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Now obviously we love Will Smith‘s acting. From Ali to The Pursuit of Happiness the two-time Oscar nominee is one of the best actors of his generation. But, we must be honest and say that we miss his music. Over time, Will has been concentrating on his music less and less, to the point where he no longer records.

So we were delighted to hear that Will performed a version of Miami from his 1997 classic Big Willy Style at a recent Suicide Squad promo party. Flanked by co-stars Margot Robbie, Karen Fukuhara, and Jay Hernandez, as well as director David Ayer, Smith showed that he’s still got it at the event on Monday.

In the film, Smith will portray supervillain Deadshot, a departure from his normal roles. Smith had this to say about the movie:

“I had never played a character that legitimately didn’t give a f**k. It’s very freeing not having to carry the moral spine of the movie. I couldn’t find a model to understand what would make someone comfortable killing another person for money. David walked me through that. He found a book for me ‘The Anatomy of Motive’ by John Douglas, and I worked through getting into the mind of serial killers. Once I accepted the that it feels good, that really exploded the idea in my mind of Deadshot.”

Watch footage of Will singing Miami below…

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