Woman Is Mauled To Death By A Tiger After Getting Out Of Her Car At A Safari Park

CCTV has captured the moment that a tiger dragged a woman to her death in front of her family. The footage, taken at Badaling Wildlife World, near the Great Wall of China, shows the woman getting out of her car and immediately being pounced upon by the creature. It is believed that she exited the car along with another woman, who is said to be in a critical condition at hospital after also being attacked. Both had ignored repeated warnings to stay in their vehicles.

A man also left the vehicle after the woman was attacked in an attempt to help her. He and the other woman were rescued by park staff, but they arrived too late to do anything for the attacked woman. This is not the first time that someone has been attacked at Badaling. Two years ago, a male employee was killed by one of the tigers at the park.

Watch the video below. Warning: Graphic Content.