‘Decapitated’ And Paralyzed Man Dances With Wife For First Time Since Accident

Hero Sikh Man Breaks Strict Religious Rules To Save A Boy Who Had Been Hit By A Car.

Six years ago, a terrible car accident saw Joel Jackson internally decapitated and paralyzed for life. His partner Lauren refused to give up on him, though and the pair married four years later. On their big day, Lauren whispered to Joel, “When you’re ready to stand, I want to dance with you.” And two years later? They finally managed it!

During a recent physical therapy session in hospital – and with the aid of a specially-made zero gravity harness – the two embraced and danced…

Here’s what Lauren said about it: “If I were a crier, this is where I would have been a hot mess. I was just in awe. It was one of those moments that took my breath away. I couldn’t stop saying, ‘goodness, you are so tall’. I forgot how tall he was after all these years.”

It’s sad, but touching. Watch it for yourself:

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