Crazy Dangerous Motorbike Road Race Sees Speeds of 300kmph!

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Here’s a heart-pounding clip for any of you petrolheads out there. How do you fancy seeing an insane road bike race that hits 300kmph (that’s about 186mph in old money…)? Most road bikes are manufactured so that they cannot go in excess of 300kmph. You just know that without these speed restrictions, the crazy dudes on these bikes would have gone even faster… Though we think that 186mph is probably fast enough. It’s not clever, it’s dangerous, it’s one heck of a video.

Check it out, it’s quite something. We got road sickness just watching…


That’s mad stuff. Luckily, nothing went wrong. A road is no place to be racing at those speeds. Still, it made for quite the clip. For more motorcycle madness, have a look at this.

What do you think?

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