Imagine Being Friends for 40 Years. With an EEL!

Valerie Taylor and her husband Ron are world-renowned divers, shark experts, marine cinematographers and all-round underwater know-it-alls. The Australian couple have been lurking around the bottom of the ocean for decades now and have made some quite astounding discoveries. But perhaps the most notable aquatic thing about Valerie is her 40 year friendship with a MORAY EEL. Yep, that’s right. We’re not sure they attend each other’s dinner parties or anything, but she claims that Honey the eel has demonstrated unusually friendly behaviour around her since 1974. You see, moray eel are usually pretty shy creatures. But not Honey…

Watch this clip of the two of them cavorting together:


How lovely, eh? We’re not sure if we’d like an eel as a mate, though. Still, they’re probably better friends than lobsters. At least eels don’t pinch your wallet.

What do you think?

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