Dude Hacks His Amazon Alexa To Speak Out Of A Skull And It’s Pretty Damn Creepy!

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Technology continues to jet on at a terrific pace and it seems as thought every day new things are coming out that you could scarcely believe possible just a few years ago. And often at quite an affordable price. Take the new Google Homes and Amazon Alexas or Echoes. Integrated speakers that you can talk to your Smart Home or computer through.

They have little voices and it’s easy to personalize them in your mind. But one guy decided to do it in real life too. But in a rather macabre way. Mike McGurrin had seen someone adapt their Alexa with a Big Mouth Billy Bass. Which was cute. And it gave him an idea…

What better way to make use of that old Halloween skull of his that was just kicking about?! So he got to work and even gave his new project a name… Project Yorick!

amazon echo skull

It certainly adds a new angle to the otherwise slick – if a little dull – usual look of the Amazon Alexa hub, doesn’t it? This is, if you’re not familiar, what they normally look like:

amazon echo skull

So, then. Let’s get down to it. Let’s see Project Yorick in action, shall we? It’s creepy, you’ve been warned…

What do you think?

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