Nope, Nope, NOPE! Horrifying Spider Infestation Contains GRUESOME Foot Long Surprise!

Australia – Where Nightmares Become Reality!

Queensland, Australia. The home of the craziest creepy-crawlies in the world. The worst offenders they have Down Under? Definitely spiders. These ‘little’ eight-legged creatures are all sorts of shapes and sizes in Oz.

Pest control expert Noel Parminter has seen some arachnid craziness in his time, but nothing compares to this clip. In it, he discovers the worst infestation of his sixteen year-long career. “If spiders make you squeamish, don’t press play… You have been warned! he wrote up on Facebook.

We’ll forgive you for watching it and screaming. Here’s our suggestion: “Burn it! Burn it with fire! Burn the whole damn building down!’ 

Nest of Spiders

But that ain’t it… The camera then pans up and we see something truly absurd. The biggest damn spider you’ve ever seen. Momma spider? Maybe. It’s a Huntsman, though. And these bad boys can do some serious damage (though not really to humans). Look at it!

Huntsman Spider

Are you ready for this? Tsk. What are we saying? No one’s ever going to truly be ready for THIS…

What do you think?

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