She’s Barefoot And a Bit Messy But She Sings Sinatra Like You Won’t Believe…!

She made herself famous on the 2014 series of Norway’s Got Talent, capturing everyone’s imagination with a cover of a classic Billie Holliday number. So successful was she on the show that she ended up winning the whole competition. Since then, she’s gone on to make various appearances on Scandinavian TV. And the one we have for you here is probably the best. She takes on Frank Sinatra’s classic tune, ‘Fly Me To The Moon’. It’s an all-time favorite song of a lot of people. And rightly so. Our preferred version was by Julie London – what a singer she was. But maybe that’s changed now we’ve heard this cover version!

And she’s only seven years old! It’s incredible. You’ve never heard anything like this before. The soul in her voice is heart breaking. We could listen to little Angelina Jordan all day long.

What do you think?

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