Shocking New Study Finds 81% Of Beards Contain Vaginal Fluids


What’s in a man’s beard? Well, for one – hair. But delve a little deeper and the results might just surprise you… Of course, you won’t be too shocked to find out that most men with beards have trace amounts of old food rattling about in their facial fuzz. But there’s a whole lot more dried onto those bristly little hairs, you know.

We’ve already reported how a recent study found that a worryingly high amount of men have poop in their beards. But a newer piece of research conducted in New York state has found that more than 80% of bearded men have traces of vaginal fluids in there.

There’s no need to panic. After all, we don’t want to put men off this kind of thing. Oral sex is good for you. We don’t want to discourage anyone. But just maybe, you know – wash your beards a little more…


The latest figures come out of a Southern Californian University research center and while they conclude that there’s no risk of infection of any heightened chance of the spread of disease, the news obviously comes as a bit of a surprise to many who assumed that there’s not much other than hair going on in a man’s beard.


Grossed out by these latest findings? Well, it’s understandable. As we’ve said there’s nothing particularly dangerous or anything with these vaginal fluids clinging to a man’s facial fuzz. Other than the fact that it’s a little gross. So our advice? Shampoo your beard each time you’re in the shower or bath, as you would the hair on your head. Problem solved!


Guys – carry on having a beard and heading under the blankets! But don’t be afraid to lather up that facial hair from time to time!

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