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Pirates – Watch What Ship You’re Messing With. Sometimes The Crew Fights Back!

What happens when the crew of the ship you’re trying to hijack happens to have a private security firm on board, armed to the teeth with automatic weapons? As this incredible video shows, it’s not always an easy life being a pirate in this day and age.

Using two small boats, the Somalian pirates attempt to hijack the vessel using what’s known in the trade as a ‘pincer movement’. That’s attacking the ship from two separate sides at once to confuse the crew.


Piracy’s been a problem in the Arabian Sea since 2005. But as that exciting footage shows, the crews of the commercial vessels that sail the waters of the area are fighting back. Incredibly, in the above video nobody was killed. But by firing off warning shots above the heads of the pirates, the private security firm showed they meant business.

The pirates took the hint.

Did You Know?

A special international task force was set up in 2005 to combat the rise of piracy off the coast of Somalia. Since the formation of Combined Task Force-150, hijacking and kidnappings in the area have dropped dramatically.

Things don’t exactly go to plan, as you can see from this amazing footage:

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