Blind Kid Thanks ‘Hero’ Who Saved Him From Bully In Touching Scene

You may well have heard about the story of the blind kid from Huntingdon Beach High School in California who was getting beat up by a bully, only for his pal and hero to steam in to protect him. Well, the story really captured the public’s imagination and went viral. The story even ended up on Dr. Phil, who reunited the two students and it made for a really quite touching scene.

The video of sixteen year-old Austin Higley, being rescued by Cody Pines, 17, at the school has been watched millions of times and really helped restore many people’s faith in teenagers (although, not in the bully, obviously). The two friends have known each other since elementary school and are good friends.

‘Honestly, I feel like you saved my life,’ Higley told Pines.

Pines then told Dr. Phil: ‘Think about what you’re doing whenever you’re bullying someone. ‘That’s another person’s life. Could you imagine if someone else ruined your whole life by doing this?’ 

Watch the two of them on the show: