Homeless, Broke and Abused – Singing Was All This Korea’s Got Talent Contestant Had!

Korean youngster Choi Sung-Bong doesn’t think he’s very good at singing. But he enjoys it, so he carries on. It’s his only salvation from his terrible life. Beaten, abandoned and bullied, his years have been hard.

“If a little kid is being abused, the only thing he can think about is probably to get away from that situation.” He says. So he left home. For the next decade he lived on the streets, sleeping in public toilets and stairwells. He got by selling chewing gum in the bars and nightclubs of the rough areas of town.

“Some people would buy gum,” he said, “but some would hit me over the head with a beer bottle or punch me. I lived like that from day to day.” Soon, a local gang turned on him. “They dug a hole, threw me in it and buried me. My life was meaningless, there was only one thing that gave me comfort. It was music, not people… I felt calm when I listened to music. Music was my only friend when I was lonely.”

And so it was that Choi decided to audition for Korea’s Got Talent. And the results are quite spectacular. Watch for yourself:

Wow. How about that? Amazing scenes!

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