These Artworks Are So Realistic You’ll Never Believe They’re Not Photographs!

Everything is not always as it seems… There’s a new art movement sweeping the creative world at the moment – ‘Hyper Realistic Art’. Paintings, drawings and sculptures designed to look as if they’re – you got it – real!

And some of them are really quite staggering. Check out some of the best ones we’ve found:

Thomas Arvid’s wine painting on canvas

Realistic Art (1)


Gregory Thielker’s oil on canvas

Realistic Art (2)


Ben Wiener’s weird and meta ‘Paintings of Paint’

Realistic Art (3)


Christina K’s eye drawing on brown paper

Realistic Art (4)


Kim Ji-Hoon’s pencil art

Realistic Art (5)


Ray Hare’s Elephant – acrylic on canvas

Realistic Art (6)


Bryan Drury’s oil on wood portraits are absurdly realistic. Fantastic skill!

Realistic Art (7)


Lee Price’s oil on canvas. Beautiful.

Realistic Art (8)


How is this not a photo?! And it’s drawn in BALLPOINT PEN! By Samuel Silva.

Realistic Art (9)


Omar Ortiz – oil on linen

Realistic Art (10)


Diego Fazio, charcoal pencil

Realistic Art (12)


Gottfried Holnwein’s oil and acrylic on canvas paintings are hauntingly real

Realistic Art (13)


Paul Cadden – all done with a mere pencil

Realistic Art (14)


Kelvin Okafor drew this picture of Nicky Minaj with a lump of graphite. Brilliant.

Realistic Art (15)


Kamalky Laureano – acrylic on canvas

Realistic Art (16)


Ron Mueck’s sculptures are just wonderful. And not a little creepy.

Realistic Art (17)


Robert Longo – charcoal on paper

Realistic Art (18)

Amazing, aren’t they? Be honest – would you have been able to tell the difference? We know we wouldn’t!

Why not see if anyone you know would know the difference? Send them these incredible pictures today!

What do you think?

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