These AMAZING Golf Trick Shots Totally Blew My Mind!

Now you can be forgiven for thinking that golf is a bit of a boring sport. That’s the perceived wisdom of it, anyway. Anyone who’s played or seen a Ryder Cup final day knows that ain’t true, however. And here to prove that golf can be as exciting and cool as any other sport are The Bryan Bros. These boys are trick show masters and they’ve spent pretty much most of 2014 coming up with awesome golf trick shots and then filming themselves even more awesomely actually performing them. Some of them look borderline impossible…

We think that number three might be our favourite one… We’re pretty sure even Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods would struggle with these. Take it away, chaps!

Did you know? Golf was invented in Scotland in the 15th Century but quickly banned by King James II who thought it a distraction from practising archery – a sport which could be used to help defend the country in times of war (which, when you border England, is most of the time…).

What do you think?


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