She Took a Simple Waffle Maker… Within Minutes She’d Made Something Incredible!

After Seeing This Video, I’m Never Buying Potato Chips Again!

Foodhacking. We love it. We recently showed you how to make your own potato chips in the microwave, didn’t we? Well, now you can learn even more… The video below shows you seven epic recipes you can follow just with the ingredients and a waffle iron! You can make brownies, cinnamon buns, hash browns… Oh, and waffles, of course! Who knew the simple and modest waffle iron was such a versatile kitchen appliance? Well, Howdini Hacks knew. Feast on their knowledge right here:

Did you know?
Patrick Bertoletti still holds the waffle eating world record, after having scoffed down 29 Waffles in ten minutes in 2007, beating fellow waffle-eating legend and former champion, the brilliantly-named Joey Chestnut, in the World Waffle Eating Championships of that year. Nice work, Pat!

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