It Looks Like She’s Driving A Normal Car, But Wait Until She Gets Out!

Stacy Zoern was born with muscular atrophy. Due to this, she has to use a wheelchair. As anyone who is wheelchair bound will tell you, getting about is a pain in the butt. They often have to rely on friends and family, or, if they can afford it, a specially adapted van. There was no vehicle on the market which was designed and built especially for wheelchair users. That was, until now.

Five years ago, whilst working at a law firm, Stacy came across designs for the Kenguru, a car especially created for wheel chair users. The Kenguru allows users to enter through the back of the car, meaning that they can adopt a driving position in one single movement. She rang the company who designed the car hoping to buy one straight away, but unfortunately learned that due to financial issues, the car never got beyond the design stage.

However, over the next few years, she set out to find investors for the Kenguru. After much hard work she raised the funds needed to get the car on the market.

Watch her remarkable story below.

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