This Dude’s Swapping Quarters for $40 – This Might Well Change The Way You Look at Beggars Forever

Social issues prankster Omar Gosh is back with another stunt that lifts the lid on prejudice and social problems. We’ve shown you some of his work before here. And he’s back. This time, he’s handing out wads of cash to anyone that gives him a few spare coins. Why? Well, because he’s dressed up like he’s homeless and down on his luck and he’s rewarding those people that help him out. Stick around until the end of the video too – the amount he gives to a lady that buys him a bottle of water is quite amazing…

We love Omar here at Boredom Bash. What a dude. Check out this latest stunt – you’ll love it too:


What do you think? Might that change the way you look at helping the homeless? After all, what’s a couple of pennies to you, really?