25 of The Most Adorable Examples of Great Parenting in The Animal Kingdom

It’s not just us humans that have an unbelievably strong attachment to our kids, you know. The unmistakable bond that exists between a parent and their offspring is a force of nature that extends out to the animal kingdom. And we’ve 25 touching photos to prove it. Some of these are really sweet. Seriously, even animals you’d never think could be cute will tug at your heartstrings…

Like this croc!

Animal Parenting (1)


And this lovely little family of possums.

Animal Parenting (2)


This motherly swan takes her cygnets under her wing.

Animal Parenting (3)


Even ferocious beasts like polar bears have maternal instincts.

Animal Parenting (4)



Animal Parenting (5)


This exotic bird may look intimidating, but she’s just focussed on looking after her little hatchlings.

Animal Parenting (6)


Two heads are better one.

Animal Parenting (7)


A beautiful tail of foxy love.

Animal Parenting (8)



Animal Parenting (9)


You can compare these meerkats to any other parents in nature and they’re right up there!

Animal Parenting (10)


Aaah. Just like The Lion King. 🙂

Animal Parenting (11)


Even when their babies are a bit weird-looking, squirrels don’t mind!

Animal Parenting (12)


Guiding the way.

Animal Parenting (13)



Animal Parenting (14)


We want a hug off an otter now…

Animal Parenting (15)



Animal Parenting (16)


Sometimes you’ve gotta let ’em do things for themselves…

Animal Parenting (17)


This bird’s got a lot of legs! Oh no, wait…

Animal Parenting (18)


Making the least cute animals look cute!

Animal Parenting (19)


Teaching the baby mouse a few tricks.

Animal Parenting (20)


Toddler group. Penguin style.

Animal Parenting (21)


This tiger’s teaching her cub the importance of hygiene.

Animal Parenting (22)


Does a bear parent in the woods…?

Animal Parenting (23)


We have NO IDEA what these odd-looking things are. But whatever they are, they’re making a great team!

Animal Parenting (24)


‘Gis’ a kiss!’

Animal Parenting (25)

Some beautiful examples of the strongest bond in nature. Damn, some animals are cute, aren’t they? If you know a parent that needs a boost today, why not send them this little gallery?

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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