Wendy’s Just Took On A Rival Fast Food Chain On Twitter And DESTROYED Them!

We don’t normally pay too much attention to corporate social media accounts. After all, who cares what Xerox has to say on Facebook or what the Instagram feed of Delta Airlines is all about? But sometimes, just sometimes, a social media account from a big company makes you laugh. Like Wendy’s did this week.

Whoever runs their Twitter feed was on fire when they got involved in a conversation between two burger lovers over which deal was better – their ‘4 for 4’ deal. Or their rival Hardee’s. The social media people of both burger joints became involved, but there was only one winner…

Here’s what went down when Twitter burger wars started:

Wendy's Hardee's Twitter Beef (1)

Alright, here’s the full run-down of exactly what happened between Wendy’s and Hardee’s on Twitter.


Wendy's Hardee's Twitter Beef (1)

OUCH! But it ain’t done yet. Hardee’s try a comeback, but it fails hard. It ends 2-0 to Wendy’s. Or at least it would’ve had Hardee’s not pulled out…

Wendy's Hardee's Twitter Beef (1)

Game, set and match.