Loyal Dog Attempts To Help Friend After The Poor Thing Was Hit By A Car

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Dogs are, we all know, man’s best friend. They have an innate sense of loyalty that, presumably, comes from their pack mentality. If you’re in their gang, they’ll lay down their life for you. It’s an enviable instinct that a lot of humans might covet. And we have a perfect – if quite sad – example of it right here for you.

A couple of days ago in the busy city of Zhejiang in eastern China, two huskies got out into traffic and, unfortunately, one was struck and killed by a car. The brown – now dead – husky lay on the floor. Its loyal friend, a white husky, stood in traffic trying to nudge and help his friend. You can almost see that the dog is attempting to nurse the other one back to health. Of course, to no avail.

A woman, the dogs’ owner, eventually comes to drag the dog out of the road and the other dog – visibly upset – walks with them and stays by his fallen friend’s side.

Dog Tries To Revive Friend

*WARNING* This is kind of beautiful, but very sad. You may find this clip a little upsetting. So proceed with caution.

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