This Irish Farmer Has An Important Message But NO ONE Understands His Accent!

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Mount Brandon, County Kerry, Ireland. A rural area, it’s mostly farmland. One local man, a sheep farmer called Mikey Joe O’Shea is making waves across the globe right now. Something he never imagined! He sadly lost a lot of sheep recently and national broadcaster RTE News investigated. They interviewed him, but his thick accent was impenetrable. No one understood a single word he said – not even his fellow countrymen. But they put it out on TV anyway!

The news crew then asked to speak to his neighbor Richie, presumably in the hope that he will be a little clearer and easier to understand. But nope! He’s almost as bad as his pal next door!

No one has a clue! One online commenter lives near to the guy and yet has no idea what ol’ Mickey is saying, either! ‘These lads live no more than 30km from my home in Tralee and I’d need an interpreter to understand them!’ He says.

Irish Accent Sheep Farmer

Seriously, you won’t have any idea what he’s saying. It’s crazy. Bless the guy. We hope he get his sheep back and finds the idea of being a worldwide viral hit funny!

What do you think?

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