The Doctor Dragged From A Flight Is Named As Disgust At United Airlines Mounts

United Airlines CEO Upsets The World Further With This Shocking Memo About ‘That Incident’

We told you earlier today about how the CEO of United Airlines defended his company’s shocking actions after members of their security team forcibly dragged a bloodied passenger off a flight yesterday. It was for no good reason other than they’d overbooked the flight and wanted him off. Now? The man has been named…

It’s confirmed that he is a doctor. From Elizabethtown, which is some forty-odd miles south of Louisville, in the state of Kentucky. He works in a practice there and his name is Dr. David Yao.

He is a 69 year-old grandfather and he refused to be kicked off the flight he bought a ticket for because he wanted to see his family and he had work comitments. Not silly meetings in a corporate office, though. He had sick patients to attend to.

Dr David Yao

The disgust at United is huge. Here are some tweets showing the level of anger at the airline:

‘#United Pay for your ticket, sit down, get attacked, bloodied and humiliated. And the CEO is now saying the person deserved it. #SHAME,’ one Twitter user said.

Dr David Yao

‘No accountability for lousy protocol,’ another added. ‘It will be a cold day in Hades before I allow these lackwits to fly me anywhere.#BoycottUnitedAirlines.’

Dr David Yao

‘Beating and bloodying a 69 year-old doctor is “protocol” @United?’

Let’s take another look at what happened, from a couple of different angles…

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