Cat Visits The Neighbor’s House. Comes Home With THIS Note Attached To Her

A cat from San Francisco returned from exploring the local area with a beautiful note attached to her! The cat’s owners had let her out one afternoon, as they do frequently, to wander the neighbourhood. But when they let her back in, they found a note from a neighbour pinned to her collar!

cat note 1

Evidently, the cat had been visiting this neighbour frequently for a bit of TLC, as well as a few slices of baloney! The note is tinged with sadness, as the neighbour had recently lost her cat of 21 years. But it is overwhelmingly joyful!

cat note 2

The note reads:

I don’t know who this cat belongs to but she comes visits us every few weeks. She’ll meow outside our backdoor until we let her in. She wounds [sic] herself around our legs, walks around the house like it’s hers, waits @ the fridge until my husband or I feed her baloney. She doesn’t like soft cat food very much! We look forward to our visits. We lost our 21 year old cat this year.

We hope the visits continue!

What do you think?

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