The Most Idiotic Facebook Fails Of All Time!

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As any Facebook user will tell you, some people post some incredibly dumb c**p on there. Whether it’s terrible spelling and grammar, a severe lack of knowledge and common sense, or simply photographing themselves doing something incredibly idiotic, Facebook is a very good way for stupid people to out themselves.

A while back we gave you 30 of the biggest Facebook fails of all time. Well, unfortunately, since then, stupid people have not been removed from the internet, so here we bring you a bunch more ridiculous statuses and comments, as well as a few tweets thrown in for good measure!

  1. Welcome to the 21st century, Luke!

facebook fails 1

2. To be fair, he was a bit of an a**hole

facebook fails 2

3. They’re not wrong

facebook fails 3

4. It gets worse as you read through it

facebook fails 4

5. G’day FRAULEIN!

facebook fails 5

6.No-one can be this stupid, surely?

facebook fails 6

7. Oh good lord

facebook fails 7

8. Stupid Canadians

facebook fails 8

9. Busted

facebook fails 9

10. Errrrm

facebook fails 10

11. Yes, he did just say that

facebook fails 11

12. Oh the delicious irony

facebook fails 12

13. Anagrams are not Johnny’s strong point. Nor is reality.

facebook fails 13

14. If only you were kidding, Chanel

facebook fails 14

15. Nice try, Mark

facebook fails 15

16. You make me sick. “Ifold” indeed

facebook fails 16

17. Did you leave it in the bathroom?

facebook fails 17

18. He’s a talented bloke

facebook fails 18


facebook fails 19

20. …and “knocked up by the time you reach 18”

facebook fails 20

21. If you’re gonna be a smart-a** make sure you proofread!

facebook fails 21

22. I don’t even know where to begin with this one

facebook fails 22

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