Caught Letting a COW Into The House… Just Wait Until You Hear Her Excuse!

When you’re a kid you get up to all sorts of crazy things, don’t you? And if you’re lucky, you get away with most of them. Some of the stuff you do you don’t want to get caught doing by Mom and Dad, because you know you’re going to get in trouble. But there are certain things it’s hard to get away with. We’re talking about things like sneaking a cow into the house. Huh? What do you mean you never tried to get away with quietly letting a cow in your living room…?

Well, the little girl in this clip does just that. And promptly gets found out. She tries to talk her way out of it, but gets nowhere (obviously).

Just check out her excuses after getting caught… What she comes out with is PRICELESS!

What do you think?

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