Amazing Video of Divers Saving Sea Turtle That Had Become Tangled in Rope!

Swimming With Endangered Polar Bears – This is Some AMAZING Close-Up Footage…

Off the coast of Mexico, a sea turtle had become entangled in fishing rope. A brave group of divers went to free it and we have their fantastic video below. Luckily for us, the divers had their trusty GoPro camera with them so they could capture the events in crystal clarity. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Fishing trawlers not equipped with TEDs (turtle excluder devices) can have a terrible impact on local turtle populations, not least around Central America. It’s a worldwide issue.

Watch this particular incident in full here:


That sea turtle was lucky. But each year there are thousands upon thousands of sea creatures that aren’t so fortunate and die in circumstances like these. It’s very sad and fishing companies need to take more precautions to stop these kinds of things from happening…

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