Money For Nothing! This Awesome Stunt Sees Hard-Up Students Get FREE MONEY!

Jacko Dancer Takes His Moves To The Streets and Makes Everyone’s Day!

Magician and YouTube performer Stuart Edge is always thinking up cool new ideas for things he can make interesting videos out of. His latest stunt sees him running around a college campus and ‘reverse pickpocketing’. He surreptitiously donates money to people without their knowledge. He sneaks a whole bunch of notes into people purses and wallets using a wide array of skills that he keeps up his magician’s sleeve like misdirection, speed and trusty assistants. And his new friends are – unsurprisingly – rather pleased at what goes down. After all, they are college kids and if there’s one thing college kids are, it’s flat broke.

Watch Stuart in action here (and just hope you bump into him on the street soon!):


What a nice guy, eh?! If you like the cut of Stuart’s jib, you can see more of his crazy antics here.

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