They Buried An Old Tire In The Garden… Pretty Soon? A Beautiful DIY OASIS!

There are all sorts of different things you can do to your back yard to improve it. A lot of them might well include having to pay to get a landscape gardener in, though. But if you’re on a budget and don’t quite have the confidence to attempt a full size natural swimming pool or anything, then we think we’ve got the perfect pet project for you.

This DIY effort is easy and looks great! You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with this, the do-it-yourself tire pond…

Materials required for this DIY tire pond project:
Old tractor or car tire(s)
Rocks of many different types and sizes
Tarpaulin or a tarpaulin-like material for covering it up
Some buckets of sand

Tools required:
A regular shovel
A jigsaw
A piece of wood (or any other similar item that you can level the sand off with)

So, where to start? Well, grab your tire(s). Put them where you want your pond to be…

Tyre 1

Dig a tire-shaped hole…

Tyre 3

Pop in the tire. Then cover the hole with tarpaulin or similar (you can get special pond lining for this sort of thing in hardware stores). Then it’s just a case of securing it and adding water, rocks, plants and – of course – fish!

Here’s a picture series of how it went for this project to guide you:

Tyre 4

H/T: Homesthetics

A pretty spectacular project, huh? We’d love one of these. We just need a clear weekend over the summer to get it built. Would you dig one of these in your back yard…?