They Told Their Dog To Pick Out A Friend From The Shelter. What They Come Home With Melted My Heart…

It’s a common myth that cats and dogs do not get along. Programs like Tom and Jerry and tell us that cats are constantly terrified by dogs. But, although some cats and dogs don’t get along, most of the time they co-exist peacefully. Take Raven the dog and Woodhouse the cat. They are the best of friends.

 dog and cat friendship 1

This was a case of love at first sight. Raven’s owner took her to the shelter and let her pick out a companion. She went immediately to Woodhouse, and a bond was struck right away.

dog and cat friendship 2

The pair were immediately inseparable, almost as if Woodhouse knew Raven had picked her out. The pair do everything together. They sit together, eat together, hang out together. But most of all, the sleep cuddled up with one another.

dog and cat friendship 3

They really are just the cutest couple.

dog and cat friendship 4

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