This Dog Walks Four Miles Daily Just To Visit A Little Town With A Lot Of Love

This Seems Like Any Man Walking His Dog. But Take A Closer Look …

Twelve years ago, Larry and Debbie Lavalle were sat at home when the doorbell rang. They opened the door to find a man returning their pet puppy. The only problem was, it wasn’t their dog. Nonetheless, they decided to adopt the little pup, and named him Bruno.

When they first got him, they kept him tied to a leash to prevent him from wandering off. Bruno hated being tied up. He’d even choke himself trying to break free of the chain. So, the Lavalles decided to let him loose and give him independence. Whilst doing his rounds, the little puppy discovered Highway 84. This road led to a local town, Longview, 4 miles away. Undaunted, Bruno decided to make the trip, where he found a town full of people eager to show him love.

And he enjoyed himself so much that he went back. Every day for the next 12 years! That’s right, Bruno makes the 8 mile round trip every day to visit his friends in Longview. He visits the butcher, the grocer – even the real estate company! He’s such a fixture in the town that they have even built a statue to him!

Watch a video about Bruno below:

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