It’s So Hard To Listen To This 6-Year-Old Girl’s 911 Call And Not Want To Cry For Her…

The 911 call you’re about to hear is about as upsetting as they come. Six year-old Lisa Floyd is reporting the vicious beating that her stepfather is dishing out to her mother. It’s a horrifying call and really relays the impact that abusive relationships can have on the mind of a young child.

Lisa’s call was made some years ago and is now used as an educational tool for survivors of domestic abuse. Since its recording, Lisa has grown up and has encountered problems of her own but she’s working through them and trying to shake off what domestic abuse has done to her.

So please be aware that the following phone call is real and is quite distressing. Domestic violence is a terrible thing and it’s legacy can be far reaching and devastating. But please also bear in mind that things can get better and that little Lisa is on the road to recovery.

If any of these issues are affecting your life, be brave and seek help. There’s always a way out.

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