I Still Can’t Believe This… A DIY Go Kart Powered Just by a DRILL MOTOR!

The kid in this clip is having a whale of a time on his DIY go kart. And rightly so – it’s pretty cool. His dad put it together using some pretty limited materials: some lumber, a couple of wheels, some cord and a drill. That’s right – a drill. The motor of the drill is what powers the go kart. And it can pick up some surprisingly high speeds! When you think how little cash it probably cost to  put it all together, you realize just how brilliant this really is! I wish my dad had thought of this when I was young…

Did you know?
Almost all of history’s greatest motor racing stars started off in go-karting, from Michael Schumacher to Aryton Senna. In fact, Brazilian legend Senna once described karting as ‘the purest form of motor racing.’

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