At a Mall, Ed Sheeran Hears A Girl Singing His Song; Goes And Joins Her For A Duet!

Ed Sheeran has a reputation for being one of the nicest guys in the music business. The British singer and guitarist has taken the pop world by storm in his few short years as a star, but has never let his fame and fortune turn him into a prima donna in the slightest. He’ll always talk and sign things for fans and he’s always polite and patient in interviews and things.

And we think we’ve got absolute proof for you right here. Sheeran’s walking around a West Edmonton Mall in Canada when he hears a girls singing one of his songs, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ on a little stage/mic set-up. And what does he do? Finds her, jumps up on the stage with her and sings a duet. And she is STUNNED!

Sydney Bourbeau is the girl and she later described it as “the best moment of my life.” See it for yourself:

What do you think?

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