The Nursing Home That’s Also A Preschool… What The Elderly And Young Can Do For Each Other Is WONDERFUL!

Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle is a very special place indeed. It’s a nursing home that has more than 400 elderly people living there. And it’s also a pre-school. The young children and older residents are side by side all day, playing, having fun and helping each other. That help can either be to cure social isolation and loneliness or just to help tie up a pair of shoelaces or make a sandwich. But it’s help. And it’s an idea that really seems to work. Everyone gets something out of this scheme.

Filmmkaer Evan Briggs is in the middle of shooting a documentary about Providence Mount St. Vincent and it looks to be a touching portrait of the fantastic work that everyone there does.

Here’s the trailer for the film as it is. We think it represents a beautiful and caring approach to how we can and should see the ageing process. If you want to help the filmmakers hit their target to complete their documentary, here’s their Kickstarter page.

What do you think?

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