Roger The Kangaroo Is 200lbs And Can Crush Metal – He’s a Beast!

Roger the kangaroo is not a marsupial you want to trifle with. This 200 pound Australian beast lives in an animal sanctuary in Alice Springs with his rescuer and pal Chris Barnes. And he’s just about the most intimidating animal you’ve ever seen in your life! His muscles are truly a sight to behold… He can easily crush metal buckets with his highly developed arms.

Roger – not to be messed with.

Roger is over two meters tall and has lived at the sanctuary since his mom died in a road traffic accident way back in 2006. He’s big and powerful, so easily fits the bill for an alpha role in ‘roo society, but Barnes and his assistants can’t risk letting him go. He’s now too used to humans and, despite appearances, he’s not quite tough enough for the wild. If you can believe that!

As a little joey.

“His daily exercise regime is sparring [kickboxing] his rivals and chasing his human ‘Mum’ – me…” Barnes told Daily Mail Australia.

“He also loves crushing metal buckets. You don’t mess with a “Big Red” [red kangaroo], they’ll disembowel you… or worse.”

He’s got a softer side, though.

See Roger in action here in this CNN news report:

Fancy going up against Roger in the boxing ring? Nope, thought not!

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