A Girl’s Being Attacked Inside This Car… Their Reaction? DISGUSTING!

We’ve got a social experiment for you here now. It’s a serious subject and the video, we think, raises a few good points about how people deal with a very sensitive and important issue. The guys behind it are two Russian film-makers that go by the moniker ‘NormelTV’. They’re both living and working out of Sweden now and decided here to explore the subject of assaults on women.

Attacks on women are high in Sweden, so it’s something close to their hearts. They wanted to find out if members of the public would investigate, step in or report an incident if they thought one was occuring. The way they found out? They set up a suspicious-looking car to be parked up with a tape playing the kind of disturbing noises and shouts you’d expect to hear in such a situation. The results will, quite likely, shock you.

See what happened…

Did you know?
Although the statistics of reported assaults make Sweden look bad, in actual fact the larger number is thought to only really demonstrate that Sweden is an open and liberal country where women who have been attacked feel happy to report it to the police. So higher numbers look bad, but they’re just reflecting true rates across the world. The more reports, the more arrests!

What do you think?


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